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Thursday, July 18

Nagoya Basho 2019 Honour Tanka Day Two: RYUDEN (1-1)

Nagoya day two 
reminded me of what I love 
about sumo world 

multiple top quality 
bouts, with drama and intrigue 

but young Ryuden
a personal favorite - 
attempting to grow 

only way up banzuke 
scroll is to beat someone else 

Ryuden's highest 
ranking ever carries weight 
of expectation 

Takayasu - stoic and 
imposing - faced him day two 

Ryuden was pushed 
to edge, but never beaten, 
long spirited bout 

leaning in for better grips, 
breathing heavily, resting 

upon starting back 
up, Ryuden spins same time 
Takayasu falls 

gyoji calls Ryuden 
the winner - INSTANT REPLAY 

ringside congress of 
judges determine it's too 
close to call clearly 

thus a replay, which meant I 
expected a quick finish 

both men must have been 
exhausted already; yet 
it was a repeat 

more spirited combat, with 
Takayasu in control 

but again, Ryuden 
spun at the edge of ring as 
Takayasu fell 

the big ozeki thudded 
against raised ring's harsh risers 

Ryuden scored a 
huge victory for himself - 
at his highest rank 

Takayasu looked damaged, 
walking stiffly to the back 

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