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Thursday, July 18

Nagoya Basho 2019 Honour Tanka Day One: KAGAYAKI (1-0)

neglected sumo 
appreciation for near 
full calendar flip 

no reason other than life 
is always full of drama 

the time to consume 
foreign-to-me sub-cultures 
not always easy 

but here I am, back on the 
youtube sumo playlists 

was shamed into retirement; 
Hakuho still rules 

no one ever seems to be 
able to remain healthy 

Nagoya day one, 
I am reminded of the 
sumo body type 

chankonabe center of 
gravity, rooted to earth 

quickly though, I am 
reminded of the other 
side to this physique 

Kagayaki, with his most 
perfect feminine breasts, wins 

proud Japanese sport with crude 
jokes of body shapes 

also writing somewhat bad 
poetry while watching it 

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