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Saturday, July 20

Nagoya Basho 2019 Honour Tanka Day Four: TERUTUYOSHI (4-0)

during my sumo 
watching absence, some major 
players promoted 

Hakuho's small disciple, 
Enho, arrived on the scene 

also however 
young Terutsuyoshi tries 
to establish name 

not the heralded future 
star like Enho, pre-ordained 

both men low on the 
banzuke scroll unbeaten 
going into fourth day 

both men wanting to stake claim 
further up sumo rankings 

tiny Enho's wiles 
were manhandled on this day, 
by other youngster 

both men only twenty-four, 
with growing shine this basho 

perhaps a battle 
to be seen played over and 
over? time will tell 

young Terutsuyoshi made 
his claim to be known day four 

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