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Thursday, December 8

SONG OF THE DAY: After Laughter

Been trying to find bootleg 45s of shit that's too expensive to actually buy on the original label release, which also is funny according to legality, because random bootlegger is seen as stealing intellectual property, whereas some old record industry dude that exploited naïve young musicians out of royalties actually owns the intellectual property, not the people who conjured up the music more often than not. So I fully support and love bootleggers, of all types – t-shirts, records, liquor, whatever man. Is there a bootleg twitter yet? Let me know in the comments. Nonetheless, in that quest for old bangers, I downloaded some “Shaolin Soul” collections which have all the shit that RZA famously sampled, and let me just say, judging solely by the records he sampled and how she was portrayed in that Wu Tang tv show (which I couldn’t get past the first season to be honest), RZA’s mom seems tight as fuck. How old is she now? Her record collection leads me to believe no matter how old she is, we could enjoy each other’s company. Anyways, this song is a fuckin’ banger. The 45 is a zillion billion dollars though, so I’ve gotta wait for a bootlegger to make an “edit” for “promo purposes only”. Also, more so than most songs, this one feels like a shoulder tattoo. I don't really know how to explain that, but it just does.

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