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Tuesday, December 6

SONG OF THE DAY: Summer Breeze (kudzu'd)

Kudzu’ing music doesn’t mean anything other than playing it slow, like kudzu grabbed a hold of it and caused it to drag. Some folks call that “screwed” but I read about how Screw himself didn’t want nobody calling it that unless he did it, so I’ve adopted “kudzu’d” as my version of this. I enjoy having old dumb pop songs like this slowed down, because it unlocks a different level to it. Doesn’t work for everything, but when it does, it can be quite impressive. Somebody asked me the other week about songs I love played slow, more than the original, and this is definitely one that came to mind. It becomes more humidity baked and naked feeling. Anyways, this is the blurb I made myself write so that I didn’t just post the video without a blurb. Thank you for reading to the end (if you did). I slap these videos together to upload to youtube when I rip the 45s at 33, and this one is just some cruising scenes from an old ass lowrider movie. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel. I get nothing from these videos and it means absolutely nothing anyways, hahaha.

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