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Tuesday, December 20

SONG OF THE DAY: Tamo Daleko

Branko Mataja is yet another story of an obscure artist who created amazing but specialized music, combining the Yugoslav folk music he’d grown up with along with psychedelic guitar playing that he’d recorded himself in California in the ‘70s and ‘80s. The story is a single album existed and then Mataja recorded a second self-released cassette and a Southern California crate digger had found the album and got in touch with Numero Group, who wanted to license reissuing the stuff. Mataja had actually found work as a guitar tech, having taught himself the electrical components to that, and was a classic mad scientist tinkerer, so fucking around with reimagined versions of the folk music played in his childhood home makes sense in that way. Numero Group should have a zine that goes along with every release. Anyways, this Branko Mataja music is pretty great, and the fact some guy just made amazing weird ass hybrid music in his garage that nobody paid attention, but resurfaced four decades later because some random record hunter found a used copy is pretty neat too.

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