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Friday, December 23


Arctic blast blowing in, and already took down the power line between my house and the neighbors. I still had power but they didn't, and on extending the other direction for miles. Tree and line work dudes showed up, and lineman asked if he could take his big cherry picker truck back along the yard, because it might leave some marks since the ground is soft. I was like, "yeah man, that's fine," because they had work to do. Imagine being so pre-occupied with self you get mad about your yard while a bunch of people are sitting in the dark on a freezing cold day. What a sad world we live in. Progress and comfort for the individual at the expense of the collective isn't progress, and I hope we start slapping the fuck out of anybody who thinks so. Not like alpha male peacock posturing slaps, trying to trigger physical conflict. More like an old grandma slapping a kid being stupid softly but firmly on the hardest part of the head, going, "What the fuck is wrong with you, boy?"

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