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Wednesday, February 22

a freestyle sonnet about Sisyphus wishing for a cuban link gold chain

[I guess I am writing freestyle sonnets as this month's daily practice rather than putting up gambleraku with pictures. We shall likely weave these into a heroic crown.]

Overlooking how universe truly provides 
encouragement through magnetic charges unseen 
seems to be malpractice of thought as man abides 
stream of conscience, chasing siren song of machine, 

believing we can be more efficient being. 
But to what end? How do I benefit from these 
Sisyphean dreams which seem to be less than freeing, 
and impact my innate chill with negative squeeze 

of anxieties, panic, depression, and more... 
smorgasbord of worry, hustling with hurry, which 
tinges each day with lack of presence. Constant war 
against manmade economic riptides enrich 

no struggling souls with real happiness to behold, 
chasing beguiled dreams of pyramid schemes of gold. 

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