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Wednesday, February 22

SONG OF THE DAY: Can I Call You Rose?

Played this song a stupid amount of times before seeing Thee Sacred Souls play last month, so everybody around me might've gotten sick of it. Show was great, though it did feel stupid that 45s were more expensive at the show than direct from the band's label online. I mean, I wanna help the group be on the road and shit, but you already got my ticket money, why is it just general practice to mark up merch too? I guess it might be a split with the venue or some shit, but whatever it is, I ain't got it like that, y'all. Work shit on all y'all's end first. Also, I ordered the Penrose pack of five love songs 45s that came out on Valentines, because it had "Future Lover" (one of my favorite songs of Thee Sacred Souls album), plus Jonny Benavidez, plus Los Yesterdays (who always slam). But then it got here and it was colored vinyl. Shit bummed me out, to be honest. At this point, I associate colored vinyl with the active gentrification of any part of the American Earth anybody with money wants to live, so just by playing these colored vinyl 45s, I'm afraid I'm shutting down an authentic strip mall joint that's got stone bowl bibimbap to be replaced by a *fusion* restaurant with $18 chicken wings. JUST GIVE ME BLACK FUCKING VINYL PLEASE, UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. I OPT OUT OF ALL SPECIAL EDITIONS LIMITED RELEASE COLOR VERSIONS, FOREVER.
Anyways, this is still a great love song, and we all need more love, and love songs, and long slow Sunday afternoon rides in a car that may actually overheat due to the radiator being half fucked up if you didn't purposefully drive so slow.

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