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Monday, February 13

SONG OF THE DAY: Riding High (kudzu'd)

One of my favorite 45s to play slowed down. Wish I had 9 copies of it. This track got sampled a lot, most famously by EPMD probably, and showed up on a couple DJ Screw tapes too. Screw tapes, as they got digitized, often got mislabeled, so the most common versions of this track of a Screw tape are credited to Rick James. But it’s a group called Faze-O, who was almost like The Ohio Players B-team. I always make fun of the state of Ohio (for good reason), but man, it’s actually pretty crazy the funk history of Dayton. The Ohio Players, Faze-O, Zapp, Slave, Lakeside… all from Dayton. If you took that collection of groups out of hip hop sampling history, you’ve changed it immensely, especially the west coast sound. All out of Dayton? Ohio? That’s wild.

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