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Monday, February 6

SONG OF THE DAY: Can't Stay Away (kudzu'd)

Coming back to all the worst forms of digital engagement, due to the MSE (Myself Serotonin Egotisticate) embedded within, delete and deactivate but the urge don’t stop, can’t suppress it. We give tiny human beings access to this shit, and expect them to think clearly enough to exist in some sort of utopian aspirational state. The psychological triggers we claim our western civilization is built upon, freely and fairly, is actually execution style shots to our own neurological makeup. I ain’t no different – no better, no worse… just another hue-man be-ing, fucking around chasing those dopamine doses in increasing values, like Sisyphus but with regards to internal chemistries, pushing them buttons up the same fuckin’ metaphorical hill every damn day, and end up right where I started. All you can really do is waste enough time in the endless addiction that you don’t have to manually refresh the cyberfeeds and it does it automatically and you can just sup the 0s and 1s until death swallows you.

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