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Thursday, April 6

SONG OF THE DAY: Hard Steppin' (kudzu'd)

I try not to dig too hard into the modern funk movement, or if I do, I try and do so with an open mind, because often times you find out the band is a bunch of white-appearing dudes from post-gentrification Brooklyn, or like based out of Finland. But at the same time, they often also try to put on their heroes from the past, and do so with full support and credit to those legends. So even though this particular music scene has a lot of what would be described as hipsters, it also has given new life to old, forgotten artists as well. I don’t know man, everything is always more nuanced and complicated that simple internet discourse can handle, and if folks are doing something they love with respect for those who came before them, it’s hard to get mad at. And I don’t know how to be part of a horn section, like at all, so I got no room to complain.

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