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Tuesday, April 4

SONG OF THE DAY: Overflowing

Saw these guys play earlier this year, and had come out that show promising myself to practice love in my daily life. But then life got hectic and busy and unrelenting and I became exhausted. Struggled for a bit but getting back to my self now (thankfully), and trying to remember that despite all the negativity our poison culture feeds us, the world itself is usually pretty decent. I mean, it’s a lot of assholes out here, only motivated by their own wants, and they hide that narcissistic greed behind perversions of individual liberty, but fuck it man, I can’t fix them. And if I get to arguing with them, it’s like punching mud, and I just get stuck in that mud and life sucks and everything is horrible. Actually, I kinda noticed now that I’ve returned to fucking around on Twitter how negatively that affects my stream of consciousness. Like, I end up thinking about shit I never would’ve thought about if I just opened the window and sat there or chilled on the porch or walked down the road for an hour. Purposefully pushed into negative thinking by technological progress. People out here getting hung up on wild ass conspiracies that got zero chance of any truth to them, when the real conspiracy is right there in our hands.

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