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Thursday, April 27

SONG OF THE DAY: Black Superman (kudzu'd)

Another West Coast Classics bootleg 45, one of my favorite bootleg series on 7” 45s. Above The Law is highly underrated, as later stage Ruthless Records group, but man, Screw used to have them on his tapes all the time. This is obviously their biggest hit, which is also funny to call “hit” because it’s not like that shit was on the charts. It just bubbled through the underground, making noise and leaving marks that stand to this day. I got 3 or 4 of the West Coast Classics series, but sadly, still missing the DJ Quik/Snoop Dogg one. Lack of DJ Quik 45s is the most glaring omission in my 45 stacks to be honest, especially since I read that L.A. Times article about Suga Free the other week, and been thinking about how Quik/Suga Free are underrated geniuses. Give Quik a MacArthur Grant, in my opinion.

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