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Tuesday, July 31

The Confederate Mack zine - issue 45

Here is issue 45 of my The Confederate Mack zine (R.I.P.), in pdf form for you to scope the fuck out. I actually looked through this one, so I can tell you this went down during election time in 2004, because it has my 12-pack Election Coverage, which is probably one of the funniest shits I ever did in my zine in the last few years. I actually lost some friends over that stuff, because I wasn't sucking John Kerry's dick like everybody who cared about the earth and people and killing unborn babies and shit like that was supposed to.
DL it, check it, and post commentations if you feel like it. I ain't got shit going on around this blog too much so it makes me feel like I'm not a complete fucking loser if somebody posts a comment. But then I see it's one of the same fools who always post comments.

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