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Thursday, July 19

MNZ: Ozone June 2007

Ozone ripped me off on a $10 subscription, and I wasn’t gonna buy that shit forever again, but then I saw a copy at the grocery store (Ozone’s distribution system is reflicted as shit; like you can’t find it at most bookstores but it’ll show up in a pharmacy all of a sudden or at 7-Eleven or some oddball shit) and had to get it, because Ozone is probably the most unintentionally hilarious shit to ever hit glossy pages. Seriously. They have a Top 25 Moments in Southern Hip Hop History article, which was probably made up by two people the night before the magazine was supposed to hit the printers. At least I hope it was, because that shit was stupider than fuck. Lil Flip vs. T.I. was one of them moments, because it showed how southern rappers could have serious beef in hip hop grand stage. Hunh? Also, DJ Drama getting busted was on there, too. Didn’t that happen like 3 months ago? And don’t DJs realize that their shit has always been illegal which is why you never sold at places like Best Buy or Tower? You sold your mixes at mom-and-pop stores or those type of record stores that were more a front for selling crack vials and glass bongs in the back room. I mean, I understand wanting to make more money, but taking legitimate business steps to make more money through your illegitimate business endeavors? I’m not gonna be too sad when legitimate cop eyeballs find your shit out and bust you.
Anyways, Julia Beverly is the homely looking chick who runs Ozone, wearing her signature white t-shirt and ugly stick-beaten grin. And I can only assume from the seven thousand pages of candid snapshots of the southern semi-famous, that she must be fucking T.J. Chapman. Most everybody else in those stupid pics, I might have heard of somewhere else, but I’ve never seen that dude mentioned anywhere but in Ozone, and he’s got ads and articles and 19 pictures and whatever. Fuck Ozone. Still, once or twice a year, it’s totally worth the money for laughter and myspace page mental bookmarking.
Also, while looking for a pic of the cover to include, came across this retarded page on their website, which looks to be just the entire June 2007 issue as jpgs if you wanted to peruse the shit in the comfort of the interwebz.

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