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Sunday, July 8

PP: Part Nine

Boogie Brown the Prospector’s old namesake Dodge outside his house, all full of scrap wood. Old trucks are tougher than shit. One night Brown fell asleep and flipped this thing twice and all it got was that one dent visible and crushed the camper shell on top, but he luckily landed on his wheels and just started it back up and drove home after he slid all the broken cassette shells and empty soda bottles and shit off his lap.

Rims like this remind me of the Dukes of Hazzard. I have never bought anything off that deepdiscountdvd place, but I almost got the entire collection of Dukes shit since me and my kids love to watch that shit. Luckily, I came to my senses and realized blowing like $250 on a TV series collection is hella stupid, especially when I could probably just steal the shit off the internet.

When did powder blue stop being a pimp ass color? Used to powder blue cars, tuxes, everything. Everything’s got to be so hard nowadays. This was parked behind a gas station beside a Chinese buffet me and Brown super destroyed while fighting hungover feelings. The Chinese buffet is a gamble in such situations, because you may feel like a million bucks afterwards and ready for more destroying of alcohol, especially if you properly complement the buffet with an ice cold Dr. Pepper. But you also stand the chance of feeling sicker than fuck and having to go throw-up in the bathroom, like I did. I couldn’t resist a couple more cheese-stuffed mushrooms after vomiting though.

This was from the demo derby in Harrisonburg. Big scruffy redneck dude in a battered little pussy mobile looked hilarious to me, and the Polaroid button sorta jammed when I tried to take the picture, giving it this fuzzed out effect. He wasn’t really going that fast.

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