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Tuesday, April 2

SONG OF THE DAY: The Trill is Gone

Mash-ups can be hit or miss, but Amerigo Gazaway has established himself as perhaps the best at this shit, going at it like a music ethnographiti artist, taking not only the original works being mashed up, but archival interview materials, as well as re-interpreting samples used in the hip hop half of his mash-up. Some of his project thump harder than others... the Fela Kuti/De La Soul one stays strong rotation, while I'm not sure I've ever revisited the Common/Stevie Wonder one, but each and every project has at least a couple tracks that slap if you dig the metaphysics behind the combined artist.
The Trill is Gone is exactly that type of song, and this is probably one of my more favorite Gazaway projects, which speaks to how deeply the south has humidified my soul. It's also perfectly sensible that mashing shit up is musical ethnography because because southern hip hop is different in the ways it's different for the same metaphysical reasons that the blues blossomed there. The shit all makes perfect sense if you take specific pinpoint stainless steel sterilized science out of it, and unfocus your eyeballs enough to see the bigger truths.

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