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Monday, April 8

SONG OF THE DAY: I'd Rather Be With You (screwed)

Back to work Monday but slow down, rushing gets you nowhere fast. Dream chasers hitting the speed bumps/roadblocks of normal work day dreaming about a life full of Sundays. Dreams usually aren’t real – just our subconscious fucking with us, or maybe it is all real just not on the same reality plane as woke world, so idk man, have dreams and chase them but also don’t become consumed by them because as I get older the more I realize how important it is to fuck off, to not be productive at work because they ain’t gonna give you shit but a hard time anyways, and just sit outside and enjoy the spring because what the fuck if it’s your last?
The other night I sat in an old ass metal swinging chair listening to the primordial symphony of spring peepers and assorted other amphibious soloists and at one point it all died down, no discernible reason to my stupid human brain, but I knew they’d bring that beat back, and they did, with gusto. I could’ve slept right there dawdling in that swing looking up at the sky after my eyes adjusted, able to see every tree, forever, just sleep and sleep and sleep, wake up still asleep happily asleep finally rested the life full of Sundays finally in effect.
But Monday beckoned and I had to go wash my clothes and dry my goodwill work clothes on low tumble so they didn’t wrinkle and hang them up and pretend that this was necessary. Half my closet is that shit, at least the hanging part. Delusions, and dead dreams, washed and hung every Sunday afternoon. So slow it down – ain’t no progress to get to, you push the stone to the top and it’s gonna roll right the fuck back down as soon as you stop pushing against it. And if all you do is push against it, you’re gonna wear out way too fast. You’re only human; enjoy that shit.

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