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Monday, April 15

SONG OF THE DAY: Goldencity

Dating somebody now so I got suggested music I wouldn’t have suggested to myself because I live in my own filter bubble, which means unless it’s screwed and chopped norteno highlife music, I probably missed it. Filter bubbles seems to be getting worse and worse, everybody climbing deeper into them rather than trying to pop them. Algorithms purposely exploiting them and manufacturing it further, in order to increase digital revenues, which is ultimately how the global electoral system got so fucked in recent years, because the ultimate goal is to get clicks, nothing altruistic. Sprague-Dawley humans will always click the link with the shocking drama or impossible to believe claim that has naked titties in it, over the critically thought one. Lolol and the worst offenders of this shit, the worst exploiters of this, especially on youtube, are dudes who claim to be rational. Oh well, all this shit will break down, we will lose access to the fake clouds, and mushrooms will sprout everywhere. It’ll be okay. And also it won’t.
Sudan Archives is one such suggestion that came from my potna. She’s became a staple of my musical soundtrack, which has been a recurring theme over the years with Stones Throw releases. She’s not actually from Sudan, as far as she is known, but was drawn to the musical styles in a somewhat digital mystical quality, so ran with it. Our ideas of native culture to us, and appropriation vs. influence, and what all that means, is so fucking complex, and I’m not even trying to step into that discussion. But most all of us have had are innate cultural identity decimated historically by the dominant material culture, especially minorities. But really most all of us, even the whites. It’s not like in old ass European times it was a bunch of different clans of “whites” running around. But the dominant culture today is what is seen as white, and we look the part, so the fact all our culture has been bleached away and whitewashed as well, so that we all search for identity in material consumption is pushed aside. And I ain’t really here to beat a drum about it. Basically I’m saying fuck poison culture.
In the actual Sudan, there’s been a public resistance going on for a few months now, against long-standing dictator leader. He was overthrown by a military coup last week, but coverage hasn’t been too prominent, probably because the west is waiting to see what happens. Former President Omar al-Bashir was fucking shit up all over the place in the Sudan, committing genocide in western Sudan and causing a civil war which ended up with South Sudan seceding and becoming its own state. The people want democracy – real democracy, not propped up by intelligence and foreign powers, but who knows what will happen with a military coup, even if the military did arrest most of the upper echelon of corruption last week.

People always have the power to massively resist, and force shitty governments to stop being so shitty. Usually government will end up being shitty again, because humans at individual level are infallible as fuck. I’m a pretty solid dude, but if somebody showed up with $100K cash in front of me right now, I’d do some pretty dehumanizing shit to help escape the feelings of economic personal doom we all live under. Anyways, all this is thoughts on Sudan, and music, and people. The most famous person I knew as a kid from Sudan was Abdullah the Butcher, who actually is a Canadian dude and not a bloodthirsty African madman. He was super entertaining. He ended up running a soul food/Chinese restaurant in Atlanta. All of this is the layers of poison culture, which is still amazing, despite being an unreal culture entirely. Enjoy your life. We all are doomed, and yet also, entirely blessed.

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