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Saturday, April 6


Mumble rap era L.A. gangsta music is a wild ass sub-genre. I mean the hustle remains the same, just instead of solely pushing burned CDs in strip malls, you're pushing your soundcloud through a twitter account. I never understand how high-and-mighty people of self-respectability condemn the new methods of artistic self-hype struggling and striving artists use, because it's the same basic desire as it ever was… you just have to constantly as an artists circumnavigate the gates put up to keep you out without proper vetting, because the industries in place always want the focus to be limited to what they've curated, so they get their mafioso skim off the top. Anyways, I can honestly say I will likely never not love a song that's about basic struggling and striving underclass (meaning most of us) lifestyle that has a hook about a prominent sorta came up hooptie like Cutlass, Regal, Caprice, Civics, and such. Nobody does a song about Chevettes or Tempos or Tercels, because those are the rides you have that get you back and forth but hard to take pride in. (No diss to any hard-working cousin out there riding a beat-up Taurus to their kitchen job, although I know you not reading this, probably looking at Nipsey Hussle memes at the stoplight, but even if you ain't reading this it's gone out into the universe and I ain't dissing you. In fact, internet website readership base probably a higher more respectable class that would judge that. WHO THE FUCK AM I WRITING FOR ANY MORE?) But a Cutlass, Regal, Caprice, Civic, and such, you can put some wheels or wheel covers on, have your cousin fuck up tinting the windows, put a sub in the trunk, and put a little pride in a relatively cheap car by high and mighty American economics standards. In fact it's a common racist joke I heard growing up in southside Virginia, that people would have $1500 worth of rims and stereo on a $500 car. WELL FUCK IT IN MY OPINION, THAT'S BEAUTIFUL. Take pride in your doublewide. Anyways, to make a long blurb short, I bumped the fuck out of this 03 Greedo tape a couple months back as part of my southern born east coast hip hop whiteboy exploration of more recent L.A. gangsta offerings, and this "Cutlass" song was my favorite. 03 Greedo's weird ass name and weird ass angel dust muppet delivery style sort of fucks with you too, because when you see a picture of dude, he's looks nothing like what you'd expect this voice to be wrapped up inside of. Sort of like a Cutlass, to be honest.

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