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Sunday, April 21


Bought this 12-inch way back in the day when I tended to buy a lot of 12-inch singles without thinking. Didn't know who MF Doom was at that time, because I mean this was when the shit originally came out, first week in the store, Willie's on Southside, and I was like "lol okay MF Doom sounds like an ill name" and it didn't have a cover, just white slip sleeve cheap ass label on the vinyl, so you knew it had to be solid. Independent as fuck, maybe even local. I got back to where I was living (who knows where that was at that time… maybe the trailer park on the tobacco farm, maybe an assortment of squat-ish flops I was running through) and put it on and oh shit. That oh shit feeling has never gone away from that first round of MF Doom. Dude is one of a kind. (Still have this single, by the way.)

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