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Saturday, June 26

SONG OF THE DAY: A Wonderful One

A beautiful Saturday which I have hopefully spent at a car show in Carolina. Or in a secluded railroad yard scribbling dirtgods. Or just laying around as if I lived on clouds. I think one of the great abominations of modern human language is calling the unseen places we store all our digital data a "cloud". In fact, they're on giant energy-sucking server farms, not up in the sky, so it's false in that sense. But it's also just fucking disrespectful to actual clouds. Man is such a narcissist.
This song is a from a Marvin Gaye/Pink Floyd mash-up, where there was a write-up about how they actually performed a live sound check to record this in London or some shit back in the day. It was a wacky made up story, and I'm all about mythology, but basically just some white dude did a mash-up of Marvin Gaye and Pink Floyd, and created the story. That's not necessarily outside the realm of dirtgod industries, but it also feels a little hollow heavy-handed to me. But what do I know? I'm just a dumbass country boy from Meherrin, Virginia.

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