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Tuesday, June 29

SONG OF THE DAY: Wallet Won't Fold

My wallet won’t fold… too full of grocery store IMPORTANT CUSTOMER cards. Not to brag but they send me individually selected special deals JUST FOR ME every fuckin’ week, right in my inbox, which is a digital mailbox of sorts. Took my time machine back and tried to explain this shit to my great grandma but she was just like “what the fuck?” except some other word because they weren’t allowed to have fuck as a word back then yet. She asked me if I could get her some cornmeal because they just don’t get good quality cornmeal at the store there, and I told her sure but told her it cost like $4 and she was like, “what the fuck?” again but with that other word, “Four dollars? I’m not trying to go to Europe for it.” She’s funny. I always steal something when I visit to come back and sell at the vintage store, that’s how I can afford organic vegetables at the grocery store.

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