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Tuesday, June 22

SONG OF THE DAY: Sweet Home Alabama (45s on 33)

Had to explain to another white person that the confederate flag is, in fact, racist to have flying from your pick-up truck at the grocery store parking lot. Even if you grew up in the South, and love the country, and don’t know any better. Not knowing any better doesn’t make something right, unless you’re a frog. Frogs are always right, in everything they do. You should listen to them more. They’re smart enough not to have a website like this. I SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM MORE.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Watched my cat eat a frog this eve, he don't know better. Should I have stopped him or let him suffer his own boney turd consequences. Are you consequential accosting/teaching dude at grocery store?
I'll stop commenting and keep my frog legs to myself. Don't listen to no one but yourself, especially not flag wavers, of any kind. Except prayer flags. Yep, threw some shit to be for or against up in there.
Furthermore, you know those confederate flag wavers got more websites than you could ever make. Don't quit.