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Thursday, June 24

SONG OF THE DAY: Waiting For a Train

Humans aren’t currently built for time travel because we’re too hung up on controlling time, expecting schedules to be met and people to be precise as machines. Imagine that shit, expecting me to show up somewhere at an exact hour that I sort of agreed to because we were talking and you seemed to expect it. In the grand scheme of space-time continuum, expecting me to be where you wanted at exactly 6 pm is like scheduling a meeting to the millisecond – it’s pointless, and fruitless, and irrelevant, and frankly a waste of time. We weren’t meant to be productive, or hold schedules that tightly. It’s hilarious to imagine some uptight scientist military dudes trying to nail down time travel talking all that, “at 1400” shit. Y’all already lost it. We were way closer to time travel as humans when we didn’t have all this distracting egotistic technology, and just built pyramids out of rocks. Ain’t nobody building no fucking pyramids any more. I mean, the biggest one of the past half century got turned into a Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, which is like doubly fucked up. If there is a Creator, and there is time travel, you know they put a big ass x-mark next to humans when that shit happened.
Anyways, I like waiting for trains, to take pictures, or watch, or really just to sit there and not do shit. Sometimes it’s a disappointment once the train actually comes because then I lose my excuse to do nothing and chill.

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