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Monday, June 28

SONG OF THE DAY: la pinche cumbia de la escuela eleconica monterreyLa Pinche Cumbia de la Escuela Electronica Monterrey

I am looking for a strip mall, somewhere in the south, probably North Carolina, but maybe Alabama or South Carolina, where there is a wrestling school/arena that has lucha infused activities, due to immigration pattterns of the past 30 years. Also because of this, I expect there should be a pupuseria in that strip mall, maybe just a truck, but maybe a corner restaurant. I really don't care if it's a truck, even if it's unpainted and unfinished looking. Only white people expect food trucks to be painted nicely. I would hope there's some sort of tire shop in this strip mall too, specializing in custom rim/wheel packages. Hopefully somebody rents one of the bays out to do detailing too, or does it in the parking lot. I guess building off that ideally there'd be a car wash nearby, not one where you pay people or one of those rip-off drive through ones with the LED lights, but the multiple bay cinderblock or brick jams where folks control their own cleaning destiny, by how many quarters they're willing to invest in freshness, both in spraying down the car and vaccuuming it on the far side of the car wash. It seems impossible to me that such a place doesn't exist at this point. I want to go there, and vibe, because in this imaginary rundown strip mall of the declining American empire, there's a lot of powerful vibes that are currently missing from my life. No curtido, no chrome, no shiny masks (or at least not enough), no pupusa lorocco and hurricanrana and 22-inch Rucci forgeds. Just the same stupid shit, everywhere.

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