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Sunday, June 27

SONG OF THE DAY: Life Keeps Happening

Life does keep happening, if you're lucky. Not much else to say about that because I was practicing cartomancy on my back but never finished laying out the spread - it's just a jack of diamonds by itself, hanging there, waiting to be paired or combined with other meaning. This has left me in a constant state of high potential but imbalance ever since. I need to fix that shit, but I'm stuck right now just being. At least I thought so, but the human body is connected to the universe in ways the mind won't ever understand, so since my right side has that jack of diamonds and my left side is still blank, awaiting further fate, my left ear died on me the end of last week, like an old car. It'll turn over, but it lacks power, missing a few cylinders. Went to the earhole specialists and they did a millions tests and said, "shrug, come back in two weeks, let's try it again." Universe telling me, finish the spread, don't stand pat when the cards ain't been finished dealing. And that's how life keeps happening, trying to teach you lessons, but you always think you're too fucking smart to listen.

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