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Sunday, August 29

SONG OF THE DAY: Woke Up This Morning

A rare moment of sleeping in this morning, with strong storms last night that made this old house rattle along with the thunder, but fell asleep with the fan in the window blowing in teasing glimpses of fall. Stayed overcast this morning long enough to cut the warming southern earth’s humid broiler oven effect to let me lay wrapped up in a top sheet, bare ass naked, chasing the cool spots in the cheap cotton, until the digital clock had four numbers, not three. Turned it face down so work ethic guilt didn’t kick in, and laid there another twenty minutes, cyber phone in the other room (on purpose), until the waves of “better do this” started crashing against my chill. But still gotta say, for the most part, it’s been a day of lounge, as the creator intended, not just on Sundays but all days. Not sure why we fucked that one up so badly. Still gotta do laundry, and cut some grass, but then again don’t really “gotta” do either, so probably won’t.

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Anonymous said...

Raven Mack, this is ShellBell. Just read your entry and listened to your song and the tears haven't dried yet from how beautifully it resonated with my life. I'm that candy valentines heart that says sad sack. Did you listen to my latest song? I got grass cut today, dishes washed, laundry half-done (mountain of clothes ever dug through on love seat, half-folded/put away added to upon necessity for freeing dryer). I spit up on my sheet this morning while coughing and was like "f*ck it." Took my top off and wiped up what I could with it and laid back down. Got in a shower today, shaved my underarms. I can tell how much I been showering by how long those hairs are. I need to shower more cause they were long.
I really dug you & Brown's jam. I like those candy hearts that say "I dig you".