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Wednesday, August 4


opportunity is not 
limitless when confined to 
physical form… make the most 


Anonymous said...

I think often about my physical limitedness, and entertain mentally the idea of being a bird, or dog, or fox, or squirrel. I imagine/believe I have the power of remote view, which amongst humans is confirmed. Other humans confirm it surprisedly. I think I believe in reincarnation but have never been able to remote view a spider's world. I don't know their thoughts/drives when they build those beautiful webs to catch morning dew or food. Spiders get crushed by humans as easily as humans get crushed by humans. I want to be a lion. I want to be water. I am just a being of molecules. But I really enjoy my 4 appendages and doing gymnastics. And my human brain. I try to make the most of it.

Anonymous said...

This picture is kind of messed up. Dog in limited own physical form is limited by a leash held taut by some human out of picture frame. Who holds the human leash? If I was a dog, I'd probably get sent away or beat for chewing off my flipping leash! Actually, I'd probably be pretty chill without a leash, but put a frigging leash on me, you're asking for a struggle. Your pics juxtaposed with words are so multi-layered. Sometimes, I don't even think you fully have an intention, just an invention of creation.