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Tuesday, August 3

SONG OF THE DAY: Capulito de Alely (rebajada)

Just another south of the border cumbia rebajada classic from an old Sonido Dueñez mixtape, literal mixtapes he used to make and sell at a Monterrey flea market. Where the K-Mart closed in Charlottesville has just been this giant abandoned shopping space, and it’s close enough to fancy newer white people shit that I’m sure somebody will demolish it and build even newer white people shit to make the new white people shit look like old white people shit. For some reason, American white people shit is always about newness? Well, at least them type white people. I PROUDLY PROCLAIM MYSELF A FLEA MARKET PERSON, with the loyalties and allegiances attached thereupon. If I win the Powerball (is that tonight, or last night?), I’m gonna buy the old K-Mart, leave it exactly as it is, and turn it into an International Flea Market. You apply to be a vendor, and I slide the scale depending on how much you add to the ambiance or not. If you are a wealthy white person laundering your own wealth inequality through self small business efforts of a crafty but unneeded variety, I’m gonna charge you triple. I will be cultivating an environment of used power tools, bootleg futbol jerseys, goat meat, bright fabrics, purple camouflage cargo shorts, and I got no time for your bourgeoisie DSA “I’m one of the good ones” bullshit. BRING SOMETHING OF WORTH TO THE COLLECTIVE OR GET (remain) LOST.

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