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Monday, August 23


learning to perfectly shoot 
threes on busted rim - born to 
lose because the game is fixed 


Anonymous said...

I remember learning to shoot into a bottomless metal bucket attached to a pine tree. I really felt like my family was something when we got a real pole, backboard of plywood, and a true metal rim with net. How many games of HORSE were played there. Even neighbor boys would come and play. Took no time to turn that lawn to bounceable dirt. Could draw a freethrow line in. Shooting from the grass at far edges was a 3 pointer. The bounds were always growing farther out.

Raven Mack said...

bro, I beat that grass to death. I took Bob's mower and set it as low as it would go TO KILL THE GRASS on the court. I dribbled where grass remained. I put YEARS into that court. lolol the day I beat Bobby Colbert was a dramatic ass day too.