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Friday, August 27



Hey man, let’s take it easy. Fuck the police, the politics, the politicians, the news, fuck people who worry about that shit so much they jump in your face about some shit that ain’t here or there. I ain’t saying let’s not do the work but saying let’s stop pretending your grandstanding is the actual work when it ain’t nothing more than another wannabe boss trying to set an agenda to outline a bunch of shit your hands will never actually touch. Systems always end up crushing folks, that’s just how it ends up being. Sledgehammers will never become dysfunctional though. Scythes either, though they do lose their edge.

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Anonymous said...

My dumb-ass neighbor has been crying to me & I'm a friendly challenger, so I listen. His wife left him cause he's a wanna-be boss, citing the Bible on how wives should be obedient. I point out, she's not your slave. Didn't they free the slaves in the Bible & wasn't that a good thing? He starts talking about Afghanistan and crazy shit, and I'm like "Dude, what's the real focus of your life right now? Your wife left you along with your baby. Focus on that. Fuck the rest." I straight up asked him, "why do you keep coming to talk with me, because I tell you some shit you don't want to hear." Some people I guess were born to this world to tell undeniable truths, and some people know they need someone to tell them. Though as I say that, I'm like, what dumb shit do I tell people cause they tell me dumb shit all the time. Like this, giggles. Your shit is never dumb or misfocused. I love days with 2 entries.