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Monday, May 8

Sunday Slowdown Chapter 007: Gringo de Mayo

I might’ve forgot to post chapter 006 on here. You can find it at mixcloud too. Dropped an all cumbia mix yesterday called Gringo de Mayo, because white folks turning Cinco de Mayo into an excuse to drink margaritas at chain restaurants is both hilarious and shameful. We are such a superficial, ignorant people. And it’s funny how white people think culturally they’re the intellectuals. Have you talked to some of these folks from normal upper middle class realms? God these people are fucking stupid. Living off the trickle down of wealth from previous generations. Anyways, fuck all that. This is about slowed music, because slow music is resistance to business as usual or normal speed life, and normal speed life benefits those who it’s always benefitted. So fuck normal speed. Keep it slow.

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