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Wednesday, May 3

SONG OF THE DAY: Journey to Lounge

The journey to lounge always has obstacles, sometimes even coming from inside your own mind. I know I was my own worst enemy to establishing quality lounge as young adult man-child with unresolved or unaddressed shit. Some folks never even bother, just keep ignoring the mold on the walls and act like “This is fine,” ploughing through a life with no regard for how they fuck up those around them with their chaotic bad ripples. I’m still chaotic as fuck, but I’d like to believe I’m chaotic good, and I definitely feel I’ve achieved a level of lounge in my life better than ever before. It’s at least more sustainable, like I don’t have to escape the whole fuckin’ world in a self-medicated stupor to find peace. It’s already here. But I still gotta get my mind right and avoid getting stuck in the mud of others who got nothing better to do with their lives than scatter negative influences in every direction. In fact, the journey to lounge begins inside your own mind. You can’t be at peace or encourage peace and healing in others if you’re a fuckin’ shit storm of unresolved bullshit. And even if all those traumas wasn’t your fault, at some point, you gotta take responsibility for not bothering to get your shit together. There should be like a second adulthood age, because 18/21 is too young. 36 maybe? I don’t know, but at some point, you should’ve at least tried to have enough knowledge of self to stop being a negatively charged ionic treatise upon your environment. This world is fucking us all up, and we can either try to do better, or shrug our shoulders and say fuck it and replicate the patterns that made us fucked in the first place. That doesn’t feel like solid work or a good plan on the journey to collective lounge.

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