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Wednesday, May 31

SONG OF THE DAY: Memphis Soul Stew (kudzu'd)

I found my crow call this morning, so after feeding the local crows peanuts, whenever I’ve heard them outside in the trees out front, I blow the crow call from inside the house in the kitchen. They’ve been talking back, pretty frantically sometimes. I wish crow call technology could tell me what the fuck I might be saying, but that’s human tech for you – just wildly pretending to create something without really understanding the consequences. My girlfriend warned me the crows might come in the house and poke my eyeballs out, but we’ll see.
I’ve been doing this all day whenever they come around, but just now I went out on the porch and blew it. I guess one of them was hiding out on top of the porch roof and as soon as I blew it, they flew off, cawing in a completely different tone than any of them before. That’s how I learned how local crows say, “Lying motherfucker!”

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