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Friday, May 12

SONG OF THE DAY: God Only Knows

This was already a weird song, as much as any of The Beach Boys work is. But then slap it as a cover on a soul singer’s last studio album in 1975, and it takes on even weirder vibes, although musically it actually sounds fairly normal, I guess. I mean it wouldn’t seem quite as weird if I didn’t know it was a weird ass Brian Wilson song. Everett’s youth was spent in Mississippi, singing in gospel music and playing piano before moving to Chicago to chase a music career as secular soul artist in 1957. She had some hits, but by 1975 her career was on the down swing. This track recorded by a childhood gospel church singer is pretty interesting to me, as this was the last studio album she dropped, and spent her elder years back in the churches near her home in Illinois. The trajectory of young creative dreamer, from the church to the exploitative music industry, and then ultimately back to the church, with this weird ass song as a slice of that life that touches on all of it.

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