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Tuesday, May 16


There’s a train yard I love not far from where I sleep most of the time, and it’s a rundown part of a rundown city that has a neat ass throwback name to whatever it had once been. Some folks made a microbrewery with the name, even though the actual microbrewery is in a different part of the rundown town, but people love a microbrewery, so that other rundown part of the rundown city is becoming less rundown as the microbrewery starts buying up abandoned warehouses and converting it into shared spaces and coffeehouse and shit like that. Anyways, the microbrewery with the throwback name that has nothing to do with them making beer in a nearby section of the rundown city just won some big ass dork beer award – saw it on my google news feed. Plus, they got microbrewery spots in another city now too, expanding their “brand” (which of course is a forgotten industrial sector in a rundown city that they’ll market themselves as savior of once they keep expanding their renovating footprint). If you look at the beer website of the place, all the founders and key players in their structure are wacky smiling white dudes with large but well-trimmed beards. This is progress to most folks, but not to me. I can kinda give it the benefit of the doubt and pretend it’s the lesser of two evils maybe, but even then, I don’t feel like giving it the benefit of the doubt, because they also just cleared out a semi-permanent homeless camp that’s closer to the beer company’s namesake than their tasting room, and I don’t see these quirky white men out here doing shit about homelessness or drug addiction or poverty, other than pretending that having to hire more wait staff to serve impatient beer tourists somehow qualifies them as leading public citizens. I don’t know man, the microbrewery cosplaying as industrial titan thing is so tiring at this point, I’m not even sure how I got a couple hundred words of griping out about it.

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