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Friday, May 6

Friday Love/Hate

I hate how easily manipulated people are. It sucks too that the main form of entertainment nowadays is the internetted up computer or robotphone usage, because both are manipulative mechanisms that may or may not have been put into position by silent weapons for quiet war manufacturers. Seems odd to me that we now willingly offer up our lives on Facebook and our email messages on Twitter and our GPS coordinates on check in devices for our smart phones. We have become completely submissive, and somehow think it's funny.

I love the direction of my life, regardless of the mass appeal of whatever it is I do. Things could happen big, where I'm interviewing on NPR in the next 3 years, or could not happen at all to where I'm writing this same bullshit in 2015 and the same 104 people care. It all depends on how the Universe breaks, and I'm not always the most dependable person in the world due to flake outs, so who knows? But I know this much - shit is percolating, I am confidently content with the creative barrier my home life creates against this off-kilter world, and if all that results in is three daughters who are writing iambic pentameter sonnets by age 13, then so be it. So be it motherfucker; keep your goddamned material lust out my bloodstream.

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Anonymous said...

I'm hating most of my posting on fb. I think I think I just don't give a shit who reads it and it's me and I'll lay it all out there cause I'm like that. But it's not like that. It's boring as fuck. Well hey a fuck would not be boring. But facebook is boring ultimately and like the only distraction I think is available right now. And that's pitiful. So I want to disappear of fb but I feel obligated. Ridiculous