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Tuesday, May 3

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - April '11 #13: "High Five" by Rittz

Hate writing these things the month after the list is made, because back then Rittz was in heavy rotation when he first popped off his White Jesus mixtape. But then it just fell into nothing because, for all the talent the dude has, nothing makes each song separate from the next, except for the beat. This, ultimately, is the problem with hip hop music, that being a talented lyricist with good delivery is enough for most MCs to consider themselves The Greatest Ever. There's no songwriting involved anymore, to where you make something that might stand the test of a month, much less be a timeless classic. So what it comes down to is whether or not you get a catchy ass beat from Lex Luger or whoever the flava of the month producer is by the time this is seen by eyeballs come tomorrow morning when the post goes live. Still though, if you had to cull all of Rittz into one song to get a feel for the dude, this is probably your best bet.
STEAL "High Five"
A mellow ass song that makes me want to sit around the kitchen table and play cards!

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