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Wednesday, May 4

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - April '11 #11: "Mi Cerebro" by Perez Prado

Supersonido.net is a place I go to for the Latin musics sometimes, because whoever the dude is who does that place, he rips actual 7-inch singles from dusty corners of wherever he's been. One dude he hypes up from time to time is Perez Prado, who I don't really know shit about. But I know this song, where Prado is singing about his brain, is fucking awesome.
I feel like a real tool sometimes, writing about music like this inside the interwebs, because this is the land of ADHD/OCD personalities come to 0s and 1s life, because there's always a supersonido.net or something like that what which will completely immerse itself into a musical sub-genre and have it covered. But I enjoy music. And it's a battle royal clusterfuck of music I listen to. And strange shit rises to the top. This month's Krupert list has a handful of what could fall under the edge shade of the "World Music" umbrella. But man, I hate people who are all about World Music, mostly because for the masses, that means Putamayo and Fela Kuti.
Haha, I don't hate people like that, so much as I wish they'd get below the mainstreams of alternative lifestyles. There's so much more to this fucking world, and the interwebs is supposed to be a vast exploration of great things. You don't have to be the end-all, be-all blog of that one tiny sub-genre to enjoy it. Dip and dabble, bros and sisses, dip and dabble.
STEAL "Mi Cerebro"
The new Sharon Jones, but with a penis!

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