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Wednesday, May 18

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - April '11 #4: "Sabor A Mi" by El Chicano

After pilfering almost every volume of Lowrider Classics Oldies from the interwebs, it struck me how most all the music was made by black or white people. Except this song. And this is a great fucking song.
I no longer work with Mexicans, which is a sad state of affairs for me personally. Now, my world in an international sense is more closely intertwined with Chinese nationals, who fill the research labs of our American universities, and are a closed culture to a certain extent. I have worked hard to break through these walls with my jovial nature and kind-hearted gestures, and now all the China ladies at work know me by name and say good morning to me with a broken syllabled English as second language version of my government first name. It brings me great joy, especially when they send me emails from their non-work hotmail accounts that are registered under the names they were given when they were first learning English - when very normal Chinese names are replaced by Jasmine and Shaunice and Angela. It is in those moments that I know beyond geographical boundaries, beyond cultural backgrounds, I am doing my thing.
STEAL "Sabor A Mi"
A song from the televisions I watched one time!

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