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Thursday, May 5

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - April '11 #9: "Band Of Gold" by Freda Payne

While laid up earlier this year, I bought me some throwback jerseys off the ebays, like $8 or $10 a pop, just because I like wearing garish clothes. I got me a Wes Unseld stitched throwback Bullets jersey because the stripes are amazing, and it just looks good, and especially wacky since I'm just some dumbass white dude. Anyways, I was watching The Wire season three last night, and they were scoping out this one kid who had been coming up short on his count, and he was wearing the exact same Unseld jersey, and Slim Charles said that the jersey cost $430. In my head, I was like, "Damn, they need to go look at ebay, and do a search for 'Wes Unsled' like I did, and he could've got that thing for $11."
"Band of Gold" is an awesome old ass song that my wife loves and I have on a Soul Train LP collection of songs with super skinny vinyl and shallow grooves that make the needle jump if you walk by the turntable. I've got like three of these types of Soul Train comps, all with Big Daddy Don Cornelius on the cover, and all of them are this flopsy cheap vinyl, like the floppiest of any full-length LPs I own. This of course is great to me, because I imagine they probably didn't even clear using the songs and just threw the things together.
Anyways, those records are tucked into the dope ass stacks buried in the camper behind some flags and electronic equipment, but I got into downloading all the Low Rider classic comps a couple months back, and somehow this song was not included, which was shocking to me. So I found it inside the interwebs vast fertile vagina of musical downloads as well, and we have been pumping it up again. Great fucking song, and it's a shame I don't work at a job where some tall and skinny 40-something crazy black lady who eats poke salad at lunch doesn't hear this on the radio and hear me singing it under my breath and be like, "Go ahead Charles" because Charles is my code name for business personality. I only use that name with the straight world, in the hopes they leave the real me alone. For the most part in my life, Operation Charles has been a failure. Operation Raven has been dope as fuck though, except it's not an operation so much as a process.
STEAL "Band Of Gold"
A song about where I'm gonna poke my toes soon, and I mean real soon!

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