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Tuesday, May 17

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - April '11 #6: "Slow Down" by Brand Nubian

I remember very clearly when I bought the Brand Nubian tape because it was around my birthday or some shit, and me and two other dudes had been staying in the Comfort Inn or Days Inn in Farmville (whatever the one was that was newest and across the street from all the other shit at the four-lanes) so we could indulge our teenage delinquencies to the fullest. Me and the one dude whose mom's Hyundai Excel often times got pushed to 105 mph with a case of MGD bottles in a big fat box behind the driver's seat so the shotgun rider could access with ease, we went to the downtown Farmville record and tape store that charged white people an extra dollar sometimes, because they were on some fuck white people shit. That's fair, but also it was the only place to get shit like Brand Nubian. I was amped to listen to it, having got it the first week it was out, but only got through a couple songs before we saw cop cars across the street at the gas station where our other dude had gotten arrested for shoplifting. So we went to handle that, I guess I had just turned 18 actually, because we tried to have it where I signed him out or whatever, but that didn't fly with the cops. Back at the hotel, somehow we all ended up there again, fucked up as fuck, zoning to Rambo on the tiny hotel TV, maybe tripping, who knows or remembers? Not sure how or why we had a tape player in a hotel room, and even though we left the room for a dude we knew to hook up with a chick, and the door ended up getting kicked down by a guy who ended up in for-real prison for for-real shit, not petty teenage delinquencies, I still have that exact tape, laying in a pile of tapes out in the camper. Kind of amazing when I think about it.
I remember the first time I actually scoped it out though, I wasn't super-into it, probably because Grand Puba, Sadat X, and Lord Jammar were speaking in tongues the devil in me couldn't comprehend. Or maybe too much MGD and LSD back then. Again, hard to say. Thankful for the fact that being I never was too good at slowing down myself, the object of my affection never came with a monkey using my shoulderblades as rollerblades to take me downhill all the way.
STEAL "Slow Down"
As America attempts to destroy the Middle East in a covert attempt to counter China's rise to global prominence, I will give you the greatest Iranian rock song of all-time!

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