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Friday, June 10

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - May '11 #12: "Recline & Shine" by DJ Screw

Screwed and chopped music is one of those more base forms of wild music that really only speaks to dudes. Something in it is inherently unappealing to womenfolks, and I don't know if it's the drug-base it's built upon or the broken slurry damn sound of it all, but that's just how it is. But at this point in my life, I can't even begin to explain how huge a part of my music-listening life the pre-chopping/pitch-shifting sounds have become. DJ Screw is such a huge figure in the history of simple ass DJing to me that I actually am often confused no one has really stepped up in a serious way to continue what he started. I mean there's dudes who do what he did in a simple way, to try and make a dollar of the style, but not many are really stepping the fuck up. (Allow me a moment of Xpert Whiteboyishness, because I felt OG Ron C was the man after Screw's death, but a lot of what OG Ron C does now feels uninspired; I also dig the fuck out of whatever Babe Rainbow s&cs, and have found a lot of the latin mixes that DJ Dreemz does to be like someone took a slice of my brain and made what it thinks should exist actually exist.)
Anyways, as I was just getting through my initial bed-ridden stage of surgical infection earlier this year, to where I could get up a little, and move around the yard, to see the sunshine, I would pop a couple painkillers, throw on my headphones, and go sit by the pigs, sinking into hydrocodone lala-land, feeling the sun, and idling away my recovery hours. This song would come on from time to time, because I just straight up filled my J.J. Krupert shuffle up with nothing but DJ Screw shit at one point during that process, and there's a line in here by one of the dudes (other than Lil Flip, I'm not sure who is who... I think it's ESG maybe) where he says "run a tunnel through your abdominal" speaking on shooting your ass, but I always imagined those little bacterioidi viruses inside of me that had to get flushed out by basically slicing a hole into my abdomen muscle singing this song, with that line on loop and the same meandering beat, all warbly and holy, but in a high-pitched little bacterioidi voice, going "run a tunnel through your abdominal, run a tunnel through your abdominal, run a tunnel through your abdominal," over and over, happily trying to make me die, even though there was no malevolence in what they did. They were just a virus, doing their thing. Not their fault surgical procedures dragged them into a different part of the body they don't usually breach.
Now when I hear this song, whereas before that I always focused more on Lil Flip's verse to start the song, I just think about those little viruses, sing-rapping that looped line like Oompa Loompas, me sitting on a plastic chair by the pig pen, brain foggy as fuck, sky sunny enough to cut the chill in the spring air, just sitting there, waiting to be physically upright again. That's some shit etched into my memory with laser precision, and I almost feel like just vibing out with my head on nod whenever this song pops up into the Krupert cycle.
STEAL "Recline & Shine"
Teenage anthem #9, 1980s version!

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