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Tuesday, June 14

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - May '11 #7: "Country Girl" by Shuggie Otis

This is a song about two urban men stalking a fine-looking woman who just got to the city from somewhere out in the sticks. And although it's a great ass song, I can't help but wonder what sort of mean and nasty psychologically demeaning things they would do to this country girl, in the ultimate hopes of prostituting her to others. Like I don't think if they talked to her they'd take her out for a burger and try to be cool and lay in the bed listening to Sly & The Family Stone together. Seems more like that predatory thing where they'd do something fairly fucked at first, though systematically, to weaken her will to resist, which is easier with her fresh off the bus from the country, because she has no support structure most likely set up where she's now at. And I feel sorry for this country girl, obviously built more curvaceously than scrawny ass city women, probably from the abundance of fried foods and lard in her country diet, biscuits for breakfast with sausage gravy, old tin full of bacon grease to use a spoon full to cook the supper greens (I hope it's mustard!) in a skillet, just fleshing the body out with healthy fats. And then that curvy body is worked into perfection because a country girl has to work, do her chores, probably why she went to the city in the first place, to find an "easier" life. Simple ass country girl hitting the concrete with sexual predators circling the block like turkey vultures, on the hunt. Poor lost country girl, I lament what the future holds for you after this song ends and Shuggie Otis and his homeboy are done talking each other up about who would do what and how if they got you in the right place - physically or mentally or a combination of the two. Go home country girl, as fast as possible, because once you get the city inside of your soul, you can never get the city washed out of your soul. Things will happen that can never be undone. Never.
STEAL "Country Girl"
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