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Monday, June 6

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - April '11 #2: "Rollin' HSV Remix" by Jackie Chain featuring Jhi-Ali

Jackie Chain is the greatest Asian-heritage rapper alive. He's also pretty much the only one I know of. Another Alabama banger (and this is a remix version different from the one off the immensely great and still classic Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas mixtape), and featuring Jhi Ali, who has sort of become one of my most favorite rappers ever in that realm of having the potential to make the greatest most country ass perfect banging southern rap "Simple Man" by Skynyrd but for hip hop album possible, simply because he had the greatest verse on "Alabama" (also off that Fear & Loathing mixtape) and his solo joint "Grown Man" which is like the most lounge-empowering song ever done in rap history. I used to put David Banner on that pedestal, but he never really did anything even near as good as "Cadillac on 22s" on that spiritual level, and I've also kinda given up on Nappy Roots ever being able to have more than 3 good songs on any album they do. I don't even know if Jhi Ali does whole tapes, and if he does it's probably drug talk and having thangs like everybody else does.
Jackie Chain will never do super-spiritual Sunday morning coming down music; he is a longhaired Asian-American hip hop dude who smokes a lot of weed (a lot) and does other drugs and works in sex and writing rhymes into that daily regimen. There's nothing wrong with that, and I think this world - as it tries to pretend it's so clean and shovel-ready for economic recoveries that will never come - needs more people who don't give a fuck, but not in a hateful way, just in a "fuck it man, I'm gonna get high and eat some barbecue and try to fuck that girl over there's mouth later tonight, and tomorrow morning I'm gonna stank like tonight still, but that's okay we can go to The Huddle House and get some waffles."
STEAL "Rollin' HSV Remix"
Oh man, motherfucking words to live by, and a song that has been on constant background soundtrack for both me and my ol' lady for months!

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