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Wednesday, March 27


HEY! – did a zine in the past month that’s for sell at my website shop, but the response has been underwhelming. Not sure if it’s because it’s a shitty zine, because people don’t read zines, because people don’t have money, or because we’re all in a digital fog and tend to have open books on our lap to rest our phones on while we play new-fangled versions of grandma’s solitaire that’s somehow supposed to make us smarter.
HEY! – have a haiku slam coming up Friday night in Richmond, VA, at the Electric Nomad Dance studio. I’m actually excited to come back to Richmond, because I lived there so long, and have so many people I love so much there. The space is small but wonderful so I am super excited that hopefully good things come from this.
HEY! – I’ve been meaning to lay out and publish books quarterly this year, beginning with this spring, but time is at a premium for ya boy. I know everybody says that, but seriously, I am lucky if I ever sleep 7 hours a night three nights in a row, ever. In fact, generally it’s five a lot of nights. I am no yogi, this can’t last forever.
HEY! – Hit up my patreon. I’ve got neat shit going on over there, and for as little as a dollar a month you can get access to those things. And to be honest, the $10 a month level gets you tanka postcards in the mail, which I think is amazing, but much like the zine, response is mostly subdued.
HEY! – I don’t know if the world is foggy now, or I overrate my artistic value. Fuck it. I’m a horrible marketer and wracked with self-doubt, operating in a world that requires wolf behavior to gnaw constantly towards economic success. Maybe I need understudies. I’ll give you 5%.

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