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Saturday, March 23

SONG OF THE DAY: Blaxploitation

my real name is not my government name 
government names are considered 
the source of truth and the only real answer 
by assholes or cops or bosses 
or cop bosses or boss cops 
and unfortunately we live 
in a horrible age of boss cops 
which is why it is important to have 
less official real names 
more important than ever in fact 
the more real names you have 
the less authentic your government 
name becomes and thus the less 
power boss cop culture has over you 
so long as you keep it moving 

one of my many monikers was 
one thousand aliases because 
one can never have too many aliases 
this became one thousand feathers 
as each alias is a facet of the whole 
and to rely on a government name alone 
as official source of truth 
to properly answer to all these 
boss cops and cop bosses 
that is to no longer be free 
to not be who somebody thinks you are 
which you likely ain't 
any more 

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