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Wednesday, March 13

SONG OF THE DAY: Once Upon a Driveby

An original album from my collection, that I bought upon first release back as a teenager, at Carrington's Records & Tapes in shithole Farmville, VA. Allegedly at the time, the owner didn't like white people and charged white kids a dollar more to buy albums or tapes (no CDs yet? not locally maybe) than black kids. Is this true? I don't care. I've gone through like three phases of loving the Boo-Yaa Tribe again during the course of time since I first bought this record, and also periods of not really caring. And somehow the album has survived it all, and still sits in my collection, having lived in trailer parks and milk crates I stored at somebody else's house, now sitting on some near free Ikea shelves off Craigslist in a damp basement apartment. Materialism as identity fucking rules!

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